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Class of 2017

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Class of 2017


September 13, 2016

Dear Seniors and Parents:

As incredible as it may seem, our seniors are about to begin the last term of their collective high school career. This is one of the most satisfying times of year as we are able to celebrate as a community the accomplishments of our kids. The Class of 2016-2017 has brought a lot of pride and honor to West Gadsden High School, and we are thrilled to be able to honor them in return.  There are many exciting activities and West Gadsden High School traditions that will take place for the 2016-2017, school term.  In order to make this an enjoyable  and  rewarding  time for all, we write to outline  our expectations for student comportment and behavior, the roles and responsibilities of the students and parents through the end of the year, and the key academic and social events that will take place. If you have any questions or concerns after reading this, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Senior Sponsors: Mrs. Erica Lightfoot, Mr. Eric Toussaint, Mrs. Cynthia Reynolds, Dr. Peggy Rambosk, and Mr. Delwyn Hall, during the normal business hours (8am-4pm) at West Gadsden High School (850)442-9500.

                                                         Student Behavior & Safety

We continue to be steadfast about ensuring student safety during the school day and at school sponsored events. Unfortunately,  the  onset  of  spring  and  graduation  activities  too  often  becomes connected  with  the  use  of  alcohol  and  other  drugs  as  well  as  other  high risk  behaviors. We ask that students adhere to the student’s code of conduct regarding any scheduled on school or off school campus activities, because the  consequences for violating school policies and rules can result in range  from school discipline and other legal actions, to life altering physical and emotional harm.  We ask for your support in keeping all of our kids safe by monitoring them  and  by  urging  them  not  to  let  risky  behavior be a factor in them not being able to participate in senior activities or be suspended from school .

                                                              Senior Class Events

Senior class events are a source of fun, pride, and tradition for the WGHS Students and provide students, their families, and the school staff with opportunities to share in and celebrate the accomplishments of the Class of 2017. Each major activity is outlined below, accompanied by guidelines for attendance and participation. Please see the enclosed calendar for an abbreviated listing of these events. Students should remember that these activities are a privilege, and that any outstanding obligations (senior dues), such as financial obligations to be paid, unreturned athletic uniforms or equipment, etc.) curriculum and library books must be fulfilled prior to Graduation. Failure in fulfilling these financial obligations can result in your child not being able to participate graduation.

Grad Bash-   Universal Orlando's Grad Bash is an unforgettable event that takes place on several dates in April and May 0f 2017. This event includes a night of fun and excitement at two amazing theme parks. Seniors will enjoy Orlando's most thrilling rides and attractions, plus there'll be live concerts with some of today's hottest acts, multiple dance parties with live DJs, karaoke, street entertainment, and more.  The Grad Bash dates for West Gadsden High School have been set for April 28-29, 2017. We are also, expecting to participate in a college tour within the same area, but it will be announce at a later date.  We will have a total cost for the trip no later than October 14, 2016 and we will give this information to your child to bring home to you.

Baccalaureate Ceremony-   Is a ceremony that is orchestrated by the parents of the class 2017.  Traditionally the Graduation Cap & Gown is worn during this ceremony. The date for this event is, scheduled for Sunday, May 14, 2017 at 8:00 a. m.  Location to be announced. 

Graduation-   Is a formal ceremony. It will be held on May 19, 2016 at 6:00 p.m., in the Gymnasium at West Gadsden High School. The ceremony is one of the most impressive, meaningful, and enjoyable civic traditions in the community, and it is planned to ensure that each graduate receives respectful acknowledgement as they receive their diploma. Therefore, the use of noisemakers of any type, decorations  on  caps, or other  distractions  is  prohibited  as they detract  from  the  recognition  each graduate  should  receive.  Students  must  demonstrate  behavior  that  reflects  the  formal  nature  of  the ceremony and are expected to abide by all school rules.  

We thank you for your time and attention to the great deal of information we have provided. Once again, please contact the Senior Sponsors should you have any questions or concerns. We have every reason to believe that this commencement season will be our greatest yet, and we look forward to honoring and celebrating the Class of 2017!



Senior Sponsors


September 13, 2016




Dear Parents of 2017 Graduating Seniors,




            This letter is to inform you of the activities and expenses for the 2017 graduating class.


Senior dues will be $200.00 and the following is included:


·         Cap and Gown                                     $50.00


·         Yearbook (Summer pick-up)               $40.00


·         Senior T-Shirt                                      $20.00


·         Senior Picnic (Bus and Bus Driver)     $40.00


·         Decorations for Graduation                 $50.00


Total:   $200.00




Senior Payment Due Dates


1st payment due                       2nd payment due                      3rd and FINAL Payment Due


October 4, 2016                       February 3, 2017                          April 4, 2017






September 26th: Drape and Tux Pictures


November 7th  : Senior Picture Make up




Fund Raisers:


            Fall Carnival -  Oct. 7th


            **We need parent volunteers and donations so please sign up as soon as possible!!!




Fall Activities:


 Brad Maxwell, Herf Jones representative will be here on Friday October 28, 2016


 Mr. Maxwell is expected to return on November 2, 2016, at 7:15 am to take orders until 9:45 am on the stage in the cafeteria.


College Tour: TCC/ FAMU/ FL State/ Skyzone/ Golden Corral: Late October ($15.00)


College and Career Day: November 17, 2016




***Please be sure that you have provided your contact information so that we can include you on “Group Me WGHS Seniors” to keep you informed on all activities and meetings.




GradBash will be on April 28, 2017 at Universal Studios.  Further details will be provided.




Seniors last day of class:          May 5, 2017


Baccalaureate:                         May 14, 2017


Class Night:                             May 16, 2017


Graduation:                              May 19, 2017




Thanking you in advance for your cooperation,


Mr. Hall, Mrs. Lightfoot, Dr. Rambosk, Mr. Toussaint, Mrs. Reynolds


Senior Sponsors